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America is considered to be one of the world’s most racially diverse nations. We pride ourselves on this diversity. But workplace racial discrimination is quite prevalent in some workplaces in Studio City, CA. Racial discrimination in the workplace is unethical and illegal in the United States.

Racial discrimination at work can cause employees significant emotional distress and take various forms. It can negatively impact your career and personal life. If you or someone in your family has been a victim of racial discrimination, you should get help from the top racial discrimination lawyers in Studio City.

The expert Studio City racial discrimination lawyers at Fraigun Law Group are here to help you. Our team has experience in assisting victims to stand up for their rights and holding the perpetrators accountable. With our founding attorney, Marina Kats Fraigun, we will examine every claim carefully and listen completely to your story.

Our employment law attorney will look at the evidence that supports your claim and talk with your fellow co-workers to know if your employer is liable for the discrimination. We will then pursue suitable actions on your behalf. Call Fraigun Law Group today at 818-981-1800 to handle your racial discrimination lawsuit in Studio City, CA!

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Employment Discrimination Based on Ethnicity and Race Is Illegal

No matter what your race or ethnicity is, discrimination based on race and ethnicity is prohibited in California. You are entitled to be treated fairly in the workplace. Your employer cannot take any employment decision – including hiring, promotions, firing, duties, or layoffs – based on your race or ethnic background. There are different ways in which racial discrimination can occur in the workplace.

How Racial Discrimination Occurs in the Workplace

Racial discrimination occurs as unfavorable treatment of an employee or job applicant due to his or her skin color, race, hair texture, religion, and other features. Here are some instances that are tantamount to racial discrimination in the workplace:

  • An employer refuses to hire an applicant due to the aforesaid features.
  • The employer demotes, fires, or lays off that person due to the aforesaid features.
  • The employee is forced to quit.
  • He or she is discriminated against in terms of pay, benefits, training, or promotions due to the aforementioned reasons.

There are two types of racial discrimination that occur in the workplace. Disparate treatment is the obvious form while the other form of racial discrimination is disparate impact.

Disparate Treatment

This form of racial discrimination occurs when an employer singles out an employee because of protected characteristics like race, ethnicity, or skin color when hiring, promoting, or terminating him or her.

Disparate Impact

This is a more subtle form of racial discrimination that occurs when an employer may not intend to discriminate, but his/her policies and practices adversely affect the employee due to his/her race or ethnicity. It may include rules and regulations implemented by the employer that may appear to be race-neutral on the surface but in practice impact employees of different races differently.

Hostile Work Environment – Your Employer Has a Duty to Protect You

It’s illegal for employers to create or promote a hostile environment in the workplace. No employee should be exposed to harassment based on their national origin, skin color, or race. If you have been exposed to harassing behaviors such as:

  • Racial slurs
  • Ethnic slurs
  • Jokes or insults due to your race or ethnicity
  • Improper conduct or comments towards you
  • Graffiti, signs, posters, or notes

Your employer may be violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You are entitled to legal representation under such circumstances because your employer has a right to protect you in the workplace. The team of racial discrimination lawyers at Fraigun Law Group is your trusted partner in Studio City to handle your case and obtain a favorable outcome.

Studio City racial discrimination lawyer meeting with African American businessman

Recognizing Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Racial discrimination in the workplace occurs when an employer takes an adverse employment action against an employee due to his or her race or ethnicity. Here are common examples of racial discrimination in the workplace:

  • You applied for a job and the application is turned down. The employer doesn’t give reasons as to why your application was turned down. But you notice that the employer has hired workers belonging to the same racial group as the employer.
  • You are offered less compensation compared to other workers who perform the same job. The other employees receive a higher wage solely based on their race or ethnicity rather than their job performance, education, or training.
  • Your employer plans to lay off employees belonging to a certain race group.
  • You were consistently turned down for promotions. The promotions were given to less qualified workers of a different race.
  • You file a complaint about discrimination with HR and face employer retaliation in the form of unfair negative performance reviews, demotion, etc.

If you have experienced any of these types of discrimination or some other form of discrimination, our team of racial discrimination lawyers is here to help you.

What Can You Do About Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

If you believe that you may have a claim for racial discrimination, there are a number of steps that you can take to protect yourself and preserve your legal rights.


Maintain a journal of the discriminatory acts or harassment you have experienced in the workplace because of your race or ethnicity. Don’t forget to include the date, time, and names of the persons involved in these activities as well as the names of any witnesses.

Report the Discrimination in Writing

Most employers in Studio City should have race discrimination policies in their employee handbooks. If your employer does, you should follow those procedures for reporting racial discrimination and harassment. If your employer doesn’t have such procedures, you should send an email or report the incident in writing to your supervisor or someone in human resources.

Keep Records

Keep copies of any documents or emails that you have sent/received to/from the employer regarding the complaint.

Don’t Quit

Racial discrimination acts in the workplace can be stressful and frustrating. No one wants to experience such acts in their respective workplaces. If you quit the job before reporting race discrimination, you will have a hard time winning a lawsuit. If you are experiencing a stressful workplace, talk to an employment lawyer at Fraigun Law Group.

Take Care of Yourself

If you are experiencing emotional distress, anxiety, or depression as a result of racial discrimination in the workplace, seek professional treatment or counseling.

Contact a Studio City Racial Discrimination Lawyer

The most important thing is to contact a skilled and experienced racial discrimination lawyer at Fraigun Law Group to handle your lawsuit. The lawyers at Fraigun Law Group have the necessary expertise and skills to handle your case and obtain a favorable outcome.

Facing Racial Discrimination at Work? Fraigun Law Group Can Help!

When you or a loved one has experienced racial discrimination or any type of discrimination based on the color of your skin or national origin, the top racial discrimination lawyers at Fraigun Law Group in Studio City, CA, can help you get compensation. If you are searching for aggressive representation with a personal touch, the lawyers at Fraigun Law Group can help you.

Each case will be personally handled by Marina Kats Fraigun – the firm’s principal and founder – who is ready to fight for your rights in the workplace. We provide a 100% confidential consultation with no obligation. Call Fraigun Law Group today at 818-981-1800 to handle your racial discrimination lawsuit in Studio City, CA!

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