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Fraigun Law Group is known as one of the top employment law firms in Los Angeles because we win cases for our clients and we will fight to do the same for you. Marina Kats Fraigun is the firm’s principal and founder and one of the City’s Top Female Attorneys. Marina is known for her aggressive courtroom reputation and sure footed style which is highlighted by her outstanding win record. Employment law demands you retain the best wrongful termination lawyer along with the finest gender, age and race employment discrimination attorney. The Fraigun Law Group specializes in these areas of law including Sexual Harassment and Retaliation. We fight for our client’s rights and we understand a win will preserve your integrity and good name. Call us today, we will help you win your case and receive the compensation you rightly deserve.

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Have you dealt with a hostile work environment? Harassment? Discrimination of any kind? Were you wrongfully terminated after refusing to do something illegal or unethical?  If these, or any other, inappropriate behaviors apply to your workplace experience, you may have an employment law case. Fraigun Law Group is well-versed and highly skilled in handling employment legal matters and we are ready to help you!

Wrongful Termination is one of the most common types of employment law cases that we see. The “reasons” given for the termination are often incredibly vague and inconsistent based on the company’s previous decisions. This is normally the case because there is an underlying reason for the termination that the employer doesn’t want to admit, as they are often illegal or unethical. Having a skilled wrongful termination lawyer on your side can turn what feels like a hopeless situation into a moment of opportunity and growth. Contact Marina today to get a skilled attorney on your side.

Workplace discrimination, in all of its iterations, is a prevailing problem in the American workplace, including in Southern California. Despite the liberal leanings of the area, we regularly see cases involving age, gender, sexuality/gender identity, or racial discrimination. Marina Fraigun has tried and won many cases involving discriminatory workplace behaviors and is ready to help protect your equal rights to a safe workplace.

Dealing with a wage dispute is incredibly frustrating, in numerous ways. Not only are you not being compensated for the time and effort you have already put in on the job, but you are also very likely to not want to continue working as well.  Fraigun Law Group has a history of holding businesses accountable for unfair and abusive workplace practices and our results back it up. Don’t let a business not pay you the wages that were agreed upon, contact Marina Fraigun today for your wage dispute case.

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