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Are you suffering sexual harassment in your workplace in Studio City, California? Do you know what exactly sexual harassment at work in California means? Sexual harassment is any unwelcome or inappropriate behavior characterized by physical advances and sexual remarks within an institution.

Sexual harassment goes against federal and California law. Research has shown that more than 37% of women in California suffer sexual harassment at their workplaces. Researchers have argued that these numbers are way higher than 37% since at least 58% of sexual harassment cases go unreported.

Sexual harassment can take many forms, some of which may not be well known to many. Many individuals are afraid of filing sexual harassment claims due to the less likelihood of winning such cases.

It is why Studio City sexual harassment lawyers are present to help you handle your sexual harassment case. Call Fraigun Law Group today at 818-981-1800 for a free consultation with our employment law attorneys.

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What Is Workplace Sexual Harassment In California?

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act terms sexual harassment as any unwelcome visual, verbal, or physical, sexual advances and actions that cause an intimidating, offensive, or hostile work environment according to an employee’s sex.

The California law states that the offensive conduct must not be committed due to sexual desire to be termed as sexual harassment.

The two main forms of sexual harassment in the workplace include:

Quid Pro Quo

It is a type of sexual harassment where the harasser makes sexual advances so that they can give an employee work benefits in return. Women are mostly the victims of this kind of harassment. Victims of this kind of harassment are also highly likely to face retaliatory actions if they fail to oblige.

Hostile Work Environment

It is the type of sexual harassment where the actions committed against the victim are more pervasive yet less clear. This kind of sexual harassment often involves acts toward a female employee that make her working environment less suitable for her.

The victim faces this form of sexual harassment because she is a woman.

What Qualifies As Workplace Sexual Harassment In Studio City, CA?

From the definition of the California law, several acts qualify to be termed as sexual harassment. The different forms of sexual harassment include:

  • Requesting sexual favors
  • Physical harassment
  • Same-sex sexual harassment
  • Verbal abuse
  • Unwelcome grabbing or touching
  • Gender discrimination
  • Male victims of sexual harassment
  • Obscene gestures harassment
  • Employee-to-employee harassment
  • Male victims of sexual harassment

If at all you are not sure if an act committed to you falls under these mentioned types, you should always consult a Studio city sexual harassment lawyer. It is important to note that men are not exempted from suffering sexual harassment.

What If My Employer Retaliates? We Can Help!

Employer retaliation is common after you have reported a case of sexual harassment is employer retaliation. Retaliation comes as an act of revenge motivated by the fact that the employer has more power at the workplace than you do.

Retaliation is unlawful according to the law of California. Retaliation takes many forms, with the most common being having the employer give a wrongful termination. The most common types of retaliation include:

  • Denying the victim a promotion
  • Declining a victim’s reasonable request for a transfer
  • Denying the victim a bonus or a benefit
  • Reducing the victim’s wage or salary
  • Demoting the victim
  • Rejecting the victim for a position
  •  Subjecting the victim to a hostile environment to make the victim quit
  • Denying the employees access to working resources
  • Transferring the employee to a less attractive position, location, or shift
  • Offering the employee a poor performance review
  • Offering the employee an unsatisfactory job reference

Your employer has no right to retaliate against you. You should seek expert help from a skilled Studio City sexual harassment lawyer to help you keep clear records and evidence of the case proceedings that can be used in case of retaliation.

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What Can I Do To Protect Myself Against Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Take the following actions to protect yourself from sexual harassment:

Document Your Complaint

No legal proceedings can take place before you file a complaint. Filing a complaint indicates that you are willing to pursue a case against your offender.

Compile Your Evidence

Written documentation of the sexual harassment acts committed against you is necessary. Further, you need to gather evidence that proves the sexually harassing behavior of your offender. You can save any messages or emails related to the same. You can also save photos you might have taken when the sexual harassment act was ongoing.

At Fraigun Law Group, we know you need guidance on filing a complaint and gathering evidence. We, therefore, offer you step-by-step guidance since it is most likely something you have never done before. Ours is to help you ease your burden and guarantee a successful claim.

Is My Employer Liable For Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?

You might not be familiar with the California sexual harassment laws and hence not sure if your employer is liable for sexual harassment in your case. You need to know that your employer is liable for acts of sexual harassment from a supervisor. The supervisor could be your supervisor or any supervisor within the company.

The employer is also liable for acts of sexual harassment if the employer knew about the sexual harassment from a co-worker. The employer will also be liable if you provide evidence that shows that he should have known about the acts of sexual harassment.

Are There Time Limits for Filing a Sexual Harassment Claim in Studio City, CA?

According to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, there are limits to filing sexual harassment claims in California, which is one year. The countdown of the timeline starts on the date the last act of sexual harassment occurred.

The timeline, however, is one year if the victim files their case through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A right to sue letter is offered according to the severity of the case at hand. These timelines may be short if you are not in a position to take the necessary steps in good time.

Allow well-trained Studio City sexual harassment attorneys to take up your cases to acquire justice.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit?

If your sexual harassment claim is successful, you are entitled to compensation. The dynamics and the effects of the sexual harassment you suffered dictate the kind of compensation. These damages include:

Front Pay

This kind of compensation is given in cases where you lost or quit your job due to sexual harassment. It takes care of any losses you incur from the day of judgment going to the future.

Back Bay

It refers to damages paid to take care of the amount you would have earned if you did not suffer the negative consequences of negative employment. They take care of the duration between the day the sexual harassment started and the day you get awarded

Compensatory Damages

This kind of compensation is given to take care of damages that cannot be quantified, such as emotional distress.

Punitive Damages

These damages are given as punishment to the employer if the employer was aware of the harassment but did not act accordingly.

Why Trust Fraigun Law Group With Your Sexual Harassment Case?

At Fraigun Law Group, we use a compassionate approach that helps us understand your emotions better. Our lawyers also have top-notch listening skills that give them an upper hand in communicating effectively. Our analytical abilities are unmatched and come in handy when gathering evidence against your offender.

Dedicated Studio City Sexual Harassment Lawyer Ready To Fight For You

Are you feeling helpless about acts of sexual harassment committed against you? Fraigun Law Group is here to your rescue. We help you determine the kind of sexual harassment you face and the type of claim you need to make. We also help you to know if the actions committed against you are acts of sexual harassment or not in case you are unsure about it.

Ongoing age and gender discrimination make an individual more prone to sexual harassment. Do not allow yourself to suffer the consequences of sexual harassment when your offender should be the one suffering the negative consequences.

Refuse to be a victim of sexual harassment. Fight for your rights in the workplace! Call our experienced sexual harassment attorneys in Studio City at 818-981-1800 for expert assistance.

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