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Gender discrimination is an experience that is difficult to handle and it’s best to recognize there are legal options available to those dealing with this situation. At Fraigun Law Group, we take the time to go through each step by understanding what our client requires for their gender discrimination case.

With our years of qualified experience, professionalism, and dedication, clients will know they are in the right hands with a trusted Encino gender discrimination lawyer. We are going to go through each step of your employment law case to better recognize what needs to be done next.

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What Is Gender Discrimination?

Gender discrimination refers to a person or group of people being targeted based on their gender. This discrimination is often seen in settings such as schools, workplaces, and/or commercial settings depending on the situation.

With this type of discrimination, a person’s qualifications, personality, and/or any other factor will not be taken into account. Instead, the only factor taken into account is their gender.

If you can associate with this type of experience and believe it has happened to you then it is time to move forward with a gender discrimination lawsuit. You are going to have strong legal options in a situation such as this and it is best to have Fraigun Law Group by your side.

We are a law firm that knows how to manage these types of cases and will do everything in our power to assist. To find out more about how our Encino gender discrimination lawyers can help, give us a call at 818-981-1800.

Steps to Take for a Gender Discrimination Case

When you are looking at dealing with a situation where you are facing significant gender discrimination, it’s important to understand there are important steps to take during the process. These steps are not only going to help during the process but also afterward.

If you are in this situation, we believe it is time to see what Fraigun Law Group can do for you.

These steps include:

1. Reach out to a Supervisor
2. Ask for Contact Information from Available Witnesses
3. Collect Evidence (Videos/Emails/Texts/Photos)
4. Speak to a Gender Discrimination Lawyer in Encino, California

Make sure you are being as focused as possible with our help at Fraigun Law Group. We are going to help guide you down the right path and also ensure you are well aware of what the process is going to encompass.

By taking the time to go through these steps, you are going to have a strong lawsuit on your hands.

With our expertise, you are going to receive ample guidance along with access to our legal resources. This is what puts us as one of the best law firms in all of California for gender discrimination cases.

To get started with us, please give Fraigun Law Group a call at 818-981-1800.

What Can an Encino Gender Discrimination Lawyer Do for You?

Gender discrimination is a specialized case that has to be managed by a certified specialist. This is something we are going to offer at Fraigun Law Group as soon as you get started. We are going to make sure all relevant measures are taken.

A good gender discrimination lawyer will make sure to prepare the case in great detail. This includes explaining your options to you, focusing on what you require, and ensuring everything is done to build a relevant case.

A good lawyer will also assist with settlements and/or the negotiations that come along with them. This is a big part of the process in some cases and we are going to be right there with you every step of the way. You will want a seasoned voice at the table when it comes to settlements to maximize compensation.

If the case does not settle, a trial can occur. This is when a judge is going to preside over the lawsuit and hear what both sides have to say about the incident.

We are going to be well-equipped to handle trial situations and will ensure the right steps are taken on your behalf. You will feel confident having us by your side.

To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call at 818-981-1800.

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What Is The Statute of Limitations for Gender Discrimination Lawsuits in Encino?

When it comes to gender discrimination in Encino, you have one year to file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Housing and Employment. However, California Labor Code Section 1197.5 sets a two-year deadline for discrimination in the payment of wages.

It is highly recommended to consult with a lawyer from Fraigun Law Group as soon as possible. We are well aware of how challenging this situation can be and that is why we are going to provide constant assistance.

We will prepare the case in great detail and help pinpoint the right course of action moving forward. To get started with Fraigun Law Group, give us a call at 818-981-1800.

What Compensation Can I Receive for Gender Discrimination?

When you are moving forward with a gender discrimination case, the most important thing to focus on will be the type of compensation you can receive. This is one of the most important details to think about when you want to do things carefully.

You will want to focus on compensation that will involve two specific categories.

The first category is going to involve economic damages. These are damages where you were impacted financially due to the damage that was done after gender discrimination took place. This can include counseling bills and/or any income losses you took due to the discrimination.

The second category is going to take a look at non-economic damages and these are just as important as any other type of damage in the lawsuit. This is going to take a look at any mental health effects caused by discrimination such as stress, depression, and anxiety to name a few.

It is also possible to have to focus on punitive damages. This is something judges will pinpoint if the law was broken to the extent that sentencing and/or fines are needed.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive?

The amount of compensation a party can receive when in a situation such as this will depend on other factors in the case.

It is going to come down to the effect of the discrimination, the damages listed in the claim, and how the case unfolds.

At Fraigun Law Group, we have handled these types of cases in the past and will maximize your compensation when it is time to move forward.

To find out more about our approach and why we are the best at what we do, call 818-981-1800.

Contact Fraigun Law Group for Help With a Gender Discrimination Lawsuit!

Gender discrimination is a subject that has started to come into the light in recent years and it’s come along with well-established legal regulations in California.

If you are dealing with a situation such as this and want legal recourse, you will have the option to do so with Fraigun Law Group. We are more than willing to go through your case to pinpoint your options and how to make sure things are handled carefully.

We have a legal team and resources to ensure each step is handled the way it needs to be. This is what sets us apart as the best law firm in the region.

If you are thinking about going down this path, then reach out to Fraigun Law Group at 818-981-1800 for a free case review with an experienced gender discrimination lawyer in Encino, CA.

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