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Unfortunately, some employers may subject their employees to unfair and illegal conditions in California. Employees may not know their employment rights or they may be afraid to voice their complaints. If you face any labor violations in the workplace, you should consider speaking to an Encino employment law attorney.

An experienced employment lawyer can look into the facts of your case to determine whether your employer is liable for unfair or discriminatory labor practices, such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or sexual harassment. If you are a victim of these or other unethical employment practices, you may be entitled to damages, including missed opportunities, undue stress, and lost wages and benefits.

Marina Kats Fraigun of The Fraigun Law Group is known for aggressively fighting for California workers in the courtroom. She has the knowledge, dedication, and experience to handle your employment law case. If you believe you may be a victim of mistreatment in the workplace, reach out to our employment law firm near Encino as soon as possible.

Our legal team will gather and analyze evidence, establish fault, file an employment law claim against the at-fault party, and handle negotiations. We will ensure you get the compensation you deserve for any unfair or illegal conditions you suffered while at work.

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Types of Employment Law Claims in Encino, CA

In the state of California, employers can hire and fire employees at will. However, this doesn’t allow them to take action against workers that violate public policy or the law. Common employment law claims that you can file include:

Wrongful Termination

There are times when an employer may fire their employee for an unfair or illegal reason. Such actions are termed as wrongful termination, wrongful dismissal, or wrongful discharge. There are many scenarios that may warrant the help of an Encino wrongful termination lawyer, such as being fired for whistleblowing or as retaliation by the employer.

Wrongful termination in California may also happen when an employer fires an employee taking maternity leave, one with political affiliations, or one who refuses to enter an unsafe workplace. In situations where you are fired for improper reasons or in an improper manner, you may be eligible to file a wrongful termination claim in Encino, CA.

An experienced lawyer can prove that your employer was intentionally punishing you for your actions. For example, if you report your boss to HR and your boss retaliates with a dismissal, these may be grounds for an employment litigation case.

Age Discrimination

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967 prohibits employers from discriminating against persons employed aged 40 years or older. This law prohibits employers against age discrimination in the following aspects:

Federally and in the state of California, it’s illegal to discriminate against anyone because of their age.

One of the signs of age discrimination at work is the use of offensive or derogatory remarks about a worker’s age. A pattern of hiring young employees, isolation, being forced to retire, and unfair disciplinary meetings are other signs of age discrimination in the workplace.

If you face any of the above forms of discrimination or if your employer informs you that the company is eliminating your position, this may be possible evidence of age discrimination. An age discrimination lawyer in Encino may look into the facts of your case, interview witnesses, and build an airtight case to prove your employer is responsible for discriminatory acts.

Race Discrimination

Racial discrimination in the workplace refers to the practice of treating a worker differently because of their race or color or the race of their spouse. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) explains that racial discrimination may be associated with personal characteristics like hair texture or certain facial features. Racial discrimination in the workplace may affect hiring, firing, pay, layoffs, training, and fringe benefits.

In California, it’s unlawful to discriminate or harass employees because of their race or color. Racial harassment in the workplace may include racial slurs, displaying racially-offensive signs, or offensive remarks about an employee’s race.

If your employer commits race discrimination at the workplace, you may hold them liable for their actions. For example, if an employer rejects your application as a receptionist in a car dealership due to your race, you may have the grounds to sue them for racial discrimination in the workplace. A racial discrimination lawyer in Encino can prove whether your boss promoted your coworker and overlooked you because of your race.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination in the workplace is a form of sex discrimination. No one in the workplace should feel out of place due to their gender. Gender discrimination occurs when an employer makes employment decisions based on whether one is female or male. Discrimination against LGBT people based on gender identity and sexual orientation may also warrant employment litigation claims.

Gender discrimination victims often feel humiliated once discrimination occurs. This type of discrimination may affect an employee’s self-esteem. Sometimes, an employee may fear reporting such incidents to HR for fear of retaliation. They may worry about losing their job.

If you notice your male coworkers are paid more than you, that may be a form of gender discrimination. Getting a different workload than male coworkers is also gender discrimination. You should talk to a reliable Encino gender discrimination attorney at Fraigun Law Group and try to exhaust all your legal options.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is still common in the workplace for many people. It is the duty of employers to promote an environment free from sexual harassment. Actions such as advances, requests, intimidation, hostility, and humiliation in a sexual manner are forms of sexual discrimination in the workplace.

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone at work. The International Labour Office categorizes sexual harassment in three main forms:

If you are experiencing any of these forms of sexual harassment, you should reach out to an Encino sexual harassment attorney immediately. A lawyer can help you through it and stop the harasser. At Fraigun Law Group, our legal team will take necessary actions, including filing a claim with the EEOC, to help you get the justice you deserve.


If your employer fires you for engaging in a legally protected activity, that’s considered retaliation. Workplace retaliation happens when you face consequences for exercising your employment rights under federal and state laws. Your employer may retaliate in situations such as whistleblowing and workers’ compensation in California.

If you file for workers’ compensation after an injury at work, your employer may demote or terminate your employment. Your employer may also exclude you from workplace events, such as team dinners or meetings. Reductions in salary and benefits, denial of promotion, or negative performance evaluations are also forms of retaliation. In other instances, your employer may transfer you to a less desirable workstation.

An employer who takes these negative actions against an employee may be held liable for workplace retaliation. With the help of a reputable employer retaliation attorney in Encino, you can file a workplace retaliation claim against your employer to recover losses caused by your employer’s conduct.

Wage Disputes

As of January 1, 2022, California’s minimum wage rose to $15.00 per hour according to Senate Bill (SB) 3. This applies to employers with 26 or more employees. The Senate set $14.00 per hour as the minimum wage for employers with 25 employees or less.

However, not all employers in California pay their workers according to state laws. If your employer pays you less than the set minimum, you should consider contacting a wage dispute lawyer in Encino. An attorney can help you build a watertight case if your employer doesn’t pay your minimum wage. This is a common scenario for tipped and day-rate workers.

You should also contact an Encino employment law attorney if you have unpaid wages or if your employer doesn’t pay your overtime wages. Some unscrupulous employers may also not pay employees their incentives, benefits, and allowances.

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Federal and state laws protect employees in California against discrimination and harassment in the workplace. It is the responsibility of all employers to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Workers shouldn’t feel in danger while at work.

Unfortunately, any worker in Encino, CA, can experience discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Under such circumstances, you should hire a reputable Encino employment law attorney for legal help. It’s ill-advised to go against your employer on your own. Remember, they’ll hire lawyers who’ll try their best to win the case.

For this reason, reach out to Fraigun Law Group immediately to get started. Time is of the essence in employment litigation cases. Our team will handle documentation, investigations, and negotiations on your behalf. We will push for the best settlement for your case.

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